Identidades / Identities

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«"Identities" is a sensitive and compelling documentary which explores the multicolored, multicultural transgender community in Ireland. Five personal stories give shape to the different but parallel worlds of transvestism, transsexualism, drag, sexual identity, and gender dysphoria. Intimate observational footage introduces us to the world of each character. Documented in a series of revealing black and white interviews, each narrative is preceded by a colour performance art piece, and more abstract self-representation. Personal histories charting hardship, rejection and discrimination will be placed in a wider social, political and religious context through these characters' personal experiences. At its heart, this is a film about the human spirit. Overcoming stereotype and categorization, the gender construct breaks open, allowing personality and human emotion a path to expression.»

O texto acima é a sinopse do filme tal como é apresentado no site CultureUnplugged. O filme é em língua inglesa (sem legendas) e apresenta vários exemplos do que é ser dragqueen, trans-género ou travesti hoje na católica Irlanda. Cada estória pessoal, filmada a preto e branco, é entremeada por uma performance artística, a cores, com uma linguagem perto da dos editoriais de moda.

Enjoy!/ Apreciem!